Build your data roadmap by covering the big data potential

Nowadays data are widely used in making decisions. Therefore organizing data management process is evidently important because it helps organization maintain data quality, flexibility and security and keep up data extraction velocity. We can help companies establish reliable strategy of working with data, which will help the company to achieve goals.

Establishing data strategy includes several steps:

  • Requirements gathering process
  • Capabilities assessment
  • Data architecture design
  • Optimizing data storage, extraction and preprocessing
  • Managing the reports

Let the advanced analytics accelerate your business decisions

We provide data science tools including modeling and machine learning to examine data, extract valuable and useful information. It will help to find anomalies, patterns and correlations within large data sets to predict outcomes facilitate companies to estimate their strengths and weaknesses develop their products and services. Using a broad range of outcomes, you can increase revenues, cut costs, straighten operations, improve customer relationships, reduce risks and many more.

  • Descriptive analysis (company’s data assessment and consulting)
  • Modeling (creating mathematical models)
  • Implementation (inserting models to data environment)
  • Maintaining and permanent improvement (models reviewing and quality increasing)

Create robust big data architecture for your business needs

We give you an opportunity to create or improve data architecture by accomplishing four consistent steps:

  • Data collection

Identifying the sources for data gathering (structured & non-structured data, transaction & file data)

  • Data storage

Defining the way to store collected data (File Storage – HDFS, SQL & NoSQL databases)

  • Data analysis

Raw data processing and datamarts creation process for BI tools and modeling purposes

  • Data visualization

Using BI tools like Tableau, Microstrategy, Oracle BI or R Studio/Python graphs for presenting data in visual format.

Turn your data into knowledge useful in strategic and tactical planning

Raw data hardly can help business in decision-making process, each company needs a system which is able to process raw data into an actionable information useful in strategic and tactical planning. This system should provide ad hoc analysis as well as regular reporting and visualization tools.

Typical set of BI tools:

  • Regular reporting
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Dashboards

Let visualization communicate information clearly and efficiently

Regular spreadsheets are boring and quite often ineffective way of presenting the information. It is much easier useful and more comfortable for humans to analyze visually presented data. We provide an interactive visualization with possibility to drill down into graphs or charts for more detailed information to discover new patterns, trends and possible changes in future.

Let the insights and quick wins choose the right big data strategy

You have many questions regarding data mining and analytics like:

Does Data Mining is applicable to my business? Who can ask and answer the right questions? What are the potential benefits? Finally, worth it or not?

Based on our wide experience, right competences and subject matter experts we can help you with answering all these questions. We run pilot project for potential of your company data and its applicability for solving business tasks. We have subject matter expertise in the following domains:

  • Retail
  • HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes)
  • Telecom
  • Banking & Finance

Strengthen your data team with scientists and big data engineer experts

A lot of firms want to start data science projects by themselves. And they’d like to start it immediately.

But they have lack of the relevant data science and management expertise. If that’s your situation, biclast with glad will help you in such starting. We could provide the necessary amount of experts at an hourly rate, with the right skillset, part-time or full-time, for as long as your project requires.

Let our support services maintain your high-level data management

You have created data models but time passed and there is need tuning to best tailor business changes.

Or you have data infrastructure changes and you need support to best integrate the new systems in the existing ecosystems. Or you want your employees to have expert’s support to maintain high-level data management infrastructure on the highest level. Biclast could help you with all of these.

We provide the following services:

  • Data models support and tuning
  • BI tools support
  • DWH support
  • Ad hoc reporting